Victory or Violence


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– The Story of the AWB of South Africa

The dramatic story of South Africa’s far right Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB: Afrikaner Resistance Movement) and its charismatic leader Eugene Terre’Blanche. The AWB was responsible for the most serious campaign of bombing and violence in South Africa’s history as Apartheid came to an end in 1994, and no understanding of that country’s history is complete without this largely eyewitness account.

Third edition, now updated to include Eugene Terre’Blanche’s murder in 2011.

Chapter 1: The Founding
Chapter 2: The Tar and Feather Party
Chapter 3: The Right Wing Buildup
Chapter 4: The Arms Trial
Chapter 5: A New Militancy
Chapter 6: The ANC and Rudolf Hess
Chapter 7: The AWB and the Conservative Party
Chapter 8: From Standerton to Donkerhoek
Chapter 9: The Volkstaat
Chapter 10: Personal Scandals
Chapter 11: A New Strategy
Chapter 12: New Principles
Chapter 13: The Arming of the AWB
Chapter 14: The White Wolf
Chapter 15: UNTAG and the Order of Death
Chapter 16: The Orde Boerevolk
Chapter 17: The Battle of Ventersdorp
Chapter 18: The MP Who Planted Bombs and the March Referendum
Chapter 19: The Death of Chris Hani
Chapter 20: The World Trade Center Invasion
Chapter 21: The Storm Brews
Chapter 22: The Secession Plan?and Why It Failed
Chapter 23: Death in the Dust
Chapter 24: The AWB Alone

Author: Arthur Kemp
Pages: 303
Binding: Softcover
Published: 2012
Language: English

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