The Return of the Solar King


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Writings on Identity, Modernity, and the New Age

John MacLugash’s The Return of the Solar King is a handbook for those seeking advice on how to tread the Spiritual Path towards total Self-Realization, beyond the confines of political correctness. Drawing from the wisdom of diverse influences, ranging from Savitri Devi and Carl Jung to Buddhist and Hindu sages, it evokes the power of one’s forebears, enlightened beings and the Christ Jesus to guide the reader to an understanding of true Tradition and its meaning for humanity in terms of its connection with the Light radiating from the celestial energies above and within.

Liberal and leftist influences have perverted the outlook of contemporary New Age movements, resulting in the steadfast denial of the ethnic and racial roots of one’s cosmic character. We must feel as part of a tribe to be able to participate in the whole universe of existence. The eternal King beckons us to follow the Laws that bind. Thus, we can joyfully partake in the bounties of earthly existence and reassuringly — after — as the ancestral heritage that closes the chain.

Author: John MacLugash
Published: 2021
Pages: 362
Binding: Softcover
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-914208-50-8

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