The Ravings Of A Renegade


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The Ravings Of A Renegade – Being the War Essays

”As I believe in God, so do I believe in the holy German language” is the text of one of Mr. Chamberlain’s essays. In another article he writes in all seriousness, ”My conviction is that in all Germany during the last forty years there has not lived a single German who has wished for war—not one. Who puts forward the contrary view, lies – either deliberately or unintentionally.” In a third paper he asks, ” Why do all nations hate Germany and the Germans?” Mr. Chamberlain argues that this is due partly to envy, partly to misconception. The correct explanation is, however, to be found in another direction. Germany is hated because it can produce writers who are so fatuous as to put forward such opinions as are contained in this book, for it must be remem-bered that while the words are Mr. Chamberlain’s, the sentiments he voices are those of almost the entire educated and ” cultured ” classes in the unhappy country which has adopted him.

Author: Houston Stewart Chamberlain
Pages: 92
Binding: Softcover
Published: 2012
Language: English
ISBN: 9781479231584

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