The Psychotic Left


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– From Jacobin France to the Occupy Movement.

Reading The Psychotic Left will be an eye-opener for many. The supposed repressive neuroses of the right pale in comparison with the selfish, vicious paranoia of the left (sometimes assisted by drug use and demonstrable brain damage). How can the right have failed to prevent the growth of socialist states all over the West with policies of filling themselves up with third-world immigrants to make up for their own failure to educate their young to the maximum (according to ability)?

Probably the family-venerating Chinese will sweep all before them as the West collapses under the ridiculous burdens which the psychotics of the left have helped impose. But this book will allow a most enjoyable moment of re-thinking – a new chance to accept what Eysenck first began to explain academically in 1954.

– Dr Chris Brand. Department of Psychology, University of Edinburgh (1970-1997)

One consequence of the triumph of the left is the proliferation of fanciful psychiatric diagnoses for all manner of conservatives. Now Kerry Bolton has written a factually based account of the pathology of the left – the vanity of Rousseau, the sadistic cruelty of the Bolsheviks, and inadequate parent-child relations of the 1960s New Left. A common thread of many of the personalities discussed here is an overweening narcissism – the arrogance of people who are absolutely confident in their prescriptions for redesigning society and absolutely ruthless in putting their ideas into action. An important contribution to a psychologically based critique of the left.

– Dr Kevin MacDonald, Professor of Psychology, California State University – Long Beach

Table of Contents:
1 – Political Uses & Abuses of Psychology
2 – The Left & the Degenerative Personality
3 – The Revolt of the Under-Man
4 – ‘The Politics of Envy’
5 – The Psychology of Bolshevism
6 – ‘Pathocracy’
7 – Leftist Personalities
8 – Jean-Jacques Rousseau
9 – Sadism and De Sade
10 – Jean Paul Marat
11 – Karl Marx
12 – Leon Trotsky
13 – Vladimir Lenin
14 – Louis Althusser
15 – Mao Zedong
16 – Trotskyism in Britain
17 – New Left: New Psychosis
18 – Jerry Rubin
19 – Abbie Hoffman
20 – The Weather Underground
21 – Mark Rudd
22 – Aftermath: From New Left to New Age
23 – Feminism
24 – Intellectualising Paedophilia
25 – ‘Madness’ as Social Revolt
26 – ‘Next Left’

Author: Dr. Kerry Bolton
Pages: 288
Binding: Softcover
Published: 2013
Language: English
ISBN: 9781908476548

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