The Proclamation of London


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The Proclamation of London – of the European Liberation Front

Written in London in 1949, The Proclamation of London is Francis Parker Yockey’s manifesto for his then newly formed group, the European Liberation Front. As such, it represents a distillation of his magisterial 600-page opus, Imperium. The Proclamation appeared initially as a pamphlet, but has never, until now, been available in a durable, library-grade format. The present memorial edition comes with a major introductory essay by Dr. Michael O’Meara, along with Dr. Kerry Bolton the world’s foremost Yockeyist. It also comes fully annotated, with an index, section illustrations, and cover artwork by Alex Kurtagic.

Author: Francis Parker Yockey
Introduction: Michael O’Meara
Pages: 142
Binding: Hardcover
Published: 2011
Language: English

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