The Perils of Diversity


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Byron M. Roth discusses in the book the fact that immigration policy conducted in Western countries does not account for evolutionary psychology, and the (negative) consequences of this. Roth goes thoroughly by theory and research that demonstrates that mass immigration is not compatible with human nature. Human beings cling generally unconsciously to ethnically related and suspicion ethnically foreign groups which say the least complicate the built environment on multiethnic basis. Racial differences expressed in, for example, different temperaments and crime rate causes additional problems in such a social experiment now being tested in Western countries.

The author goes through the history of immigration in the United States before World War II and compare it with the post-war period in the West. Roth’s conclusion is that immigration is fundamentally different between time eras and that current immigration directed by a power elite that does not in any way reflect residents’ opinions about invandringspolitiken.Den only chance for today’s power elite to keep themselves in power in the long run is to slowly expand state repression and totalitarian grip on the population.

Said about the book:
”That immigration is the most intellectually stimulating of all political topics is demonstrated by Byron M. Roth’s ambitious new book, The Perils of Diversity.”
– Steve Sailer,

”Though long and ambitious, The Perils of Diversity reads easily, and rewards the reader with a thorough grasp of the crisis we face…offers us a cornucopia of information and argument…”.
– F. Roger Devlin, American Renaissance, January 2011

”Roth has written a fantastic book; well-researched, science-based, and full of useful information and sharp observations.”
– Ole J. Anfindsen –

”Byron Roth has done a terrific job setting out his gloomy but indisputable analysis of the future of the European peoples in his closely argued book.”
– Prof. Richard Lynn

Author: Byron M. Roth
Pages: 594
Binding: Softcover
Published: 2010
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1593680341
ISBN-13: 978-1593680343

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