The Path of Cinnabar


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This is the first translation of Julius Evolas autobiography, Il Cammino del Cinabro and the book gives an interesting insight into Evolas life as he describes his books’ importance. This is the key that unlocks the secret of Evolas all interests and the book is a perfect start for those who have not previously read his books. For the experienced Evola lover, the book is an absolute must.
The book contains hundreds of footnotes and complete index.

A Note from the Editor
A Note from the Publisher

1. The Path of Cinnabar
2. Personal Background and Early Experiences
3. Abstract Art and Dadaism
4. The Speculative Period of Magical Idealism and the Theory of the Absolute Individual
5. My Encounters with the East and ?Pagan? Myth
6. The ?Ur Group’
7. My Exploration of Origins and Tradition
8. My Experience with ’La Torre? and Its Implications
9. Hermeticism and My Critique of Contemporary Spiritualism – The Catholic Problem
10. ?Revolt Against the Modern World? and the Mystery of the Grail
11. My Work in Germany and the ?Doctrine of Awakening?
12. The Issue of Race
13. In Search of Men Among the Ruins
14. Bachofen, Spengler, the ?Metaphysics of Sex? and the ?Left-Hand Path?
15. From the ?Worker? to ?Ride the Tiger?

Appendix: Interviews with Julius Evola (1964-1972)

Author: Julius Evola
Pages: 302
Binding: Hardcover | Softcover
Published: 2009
Language: English

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