The Conquest of a Continent


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Or The Expansion of the Races in America. Famous naturalist, zoologist, and benefactor Madison Grant’s second book describes in detail the Nordic racial composition of the Europeans who first colonized and settled the United States of America—and who founded that country.

The author starts with a review of race and racial origins, including a brief review of European racial history. This reveals the Nordic origins of the original settler groups who moved to America in the mid-17th century.

He then discusses the settlement of America, region by region, from the East Coast to the West, revealing that America reached its Nordic zenith in 1860, when over 90 percent of that nation was racially of that stock.

He then reviews the mass non-Nordic immigration of the period following the American Civil War, including a detailed discussion of the presence of Negroes (the “legacy of slavery”). Included in this overview is a study of the racial composition of America’s neighbors to the north and south.

Finally, the author discusses what Nordic America’s prospects are for the future, very likely never imagining that that country would, by the end of the 20th Century, be well on its way to minority white—never mind Nordic—status.

This new edition has been completely reset and contains the entire text and all maps which accompanied the original.

In addition, it contains two appendices: the first reveals the existence of a 1933 attempt by the Jewish Anti-Defamation League to “stifle the sales of this book”; and the second outlines the accuracy of Grant’s prediction that further unrestricted immigration would destroy the Nordic element in American society.


Author: Madison Grant
Pages: 254
Binding: Softcover
Language: English

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