The Barbarian Reborn


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Weaponry and Survivalism

The Coming of the Dark Age.
Nothing lasts forever. Civilizations rise and fall with the ebb of tides, eroded by the inevitability of history. The fall, however, is violent and dangerous.

Whether a civilizational collapse occurs from a pandemic, war, natural disaster, or any other cause, the survival of the individual and their community becomes paramount. It is at these moments of adversity that the fighting spirit, the warrior spirit, is required. The Barbarian Reborn provides an ethos for the warrior as Nietzsche´s Ubermensch, who will endure all the horrors of the world, and valiantly overcome them.

In this book, we will see that the collapse of civilization, whatever the cause, will lead to the same degree of social breakdown. The survivor needs to embrace a physical culture of strength with quasi-religious fervor. Along with this comes a belief in the fellowship of weaponry. The philosophy of weaponry, and our possible salvation through it, is explained, covering not only martial arts and unarmed combat but also both melee and modern weapons. The warrior mindset relates to the philosophy of life that a fighter holds. The warrior fights for a higher purpose and does not fight for the sake of fighting itself.

As the philosophical threads are tied together, we see the new barbarian emerge. This warrior will go beyond the ideas of Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900). However, the neo-barbarian is not a ”savage.” The ancient Greeks saw barbarians as folk living outside of their culture. In particular, the barbarian is a tribal being committed to protecting his people, above all else.

As such, The Barbarian Reborn is also a tribute to other authors in the wild world of barbarism, such as Bronze Age Pervert, Jack Donovan, and James LaFond.

Author: Viking Age Barbarian
Pages: 210
Binding: Softcover
Published: 2020
Language: English
ISBN: 9780648766018

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