Sex and Deviance


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Sex and Deviance is at once a raging critique of the values underpinning contemporary Western societies and a down-to-earth, pragmatic vision of the future. Guillaume Faye is meticulous in his analysis of the points at which Western societies have deviated from their golden mean, thus having triggered the tidal wave of social ills that they are facing and can expect to face. Faye identifies at the centre of this vortex the matter of sex and sexuality, and with this proffers an answer to the perennial question: What is the glue that holds societies together?

Faye’s penetrating assault on the specious thinking of ideologues is certain to rattle the convictions of those from across the spectrum. Much more than just a socio-political exposition, this book is an invitation to shed old ways of thinking and to begin new, hard-headed discussion over the most pertinent issues of this century.

1. Funeral Dirge for the Family
2. The Sacralisation of Homosexuality
3. Males and Females: Complex Differences
4. Feminist Schizophrenia
5. The Farce of Sexual Liberation
6. Sex and Perversions
7. Ineradicable Prostitution
8. Sex and Origin
9. Islam and Sex
10. Christianity and Sex
11. Sex, Biotechnology, and Biopolitics

Author: Guillaume Faye
Pages: 290
Binding: Softcover
Published: 2014
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-910524-19-0

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