Rupes Nigra


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An Archaeo-Futurist Countdown in Twelve Essays

Rupes Nigra provides an Archaeo-Futurist diagnosis of the impending — rather ongoing — Downfall of the West. Its twelve essays ‘count down’ from large to small: from ‘hard’ geopolitics, through ‘permeable’ socio-anthropology and ‘soft’ metapolitics, to ‘abstract’ metanarratives. At the same time, Rupes Nigra ‘counts up’ from small to large: it shows how even the (geopolitically, economically) ‘hardest wired’ power structures and even the (sociologically, culturally) most ‘freely willed’ life-worlds are ultimately dependent on (philosophically, religiously defined) world-view reference-frames. Combining traditionalist and experimental analyses, Rupes Nigra confronts the approaching ‘event horizon’ of Western civilization and it points to the resultant ‘window of opportunity for a revolutionary ‘Great Reset from the Right’. Uncovering the numinous power of key New Right concepts, including Carl Schmitt’s decisionist acceleration, Eurasianist neo-imperialism and Jason Jorjani’s self-surpassing wisdom-worship, Rupes Nigra guides young Western readers to a radical reappropriation of their heritage — and their Archaeo-Futurist Revolution.

Author: Alexander Wolfheze
Pages: 468
Binding: Softcover
Language: English
ISBN:  978-1-914208-23-2

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