Runes and the origins of Writing


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In this wide-ranging yet concise study, Alain de Benoist brings his incisive intelligence and wide erudition to bear on the fiercely debated subject of the mysterious origin and practical and magical functions of runes, providing the reader with a thorough grounding in the potential origin points and evolutions of the Fuþark.

Runes and the Origins of Writing carries its reader on an archaeological and anthropological journey through an enigmatic past, giving to layman and academic alike unique insight into the history of this archaic script, and others like it.


Part I
Writing and Oral Tradition
Runic Writing
The Characteristics of Fuþark
Runic Inscriptions
The Oldest Inscriptions
Inscriptions on Wood
The Origin Issue
The Latin Theory
The Greek Theory
The North Italic Theory
The Contribution of Linguistics
Provisional Appraisal

Part II
Attempts at Explanation
Symbols and “Pre-Writings”
The Debate On “Magic”
The Word “Rune”
Divination and Oracular Use
“Magic” Vocabulary
Óðinn and the “Divine Origin” of the Runes
Runic Magic in Sagas — The Runesmith

Part III
The Three Phases of the Moon
Eight and Nine
The Norns, the Parcae and the Moirai
The Homology Between Day and Year
The Rune for The Word “Year”
Asterisms and Constellations

Part IV
“Phoinika Grammata”
From the Phoenicians to the Greeks
Before the Phoenicians
The Phoenician Alphabet
The Sea Peoples
From the Philistines to the Phoenicians
The Etruscans
From Etruscan to Latin


Författare: Alain De Benoist
Antal sidor: 182
Bindning: Inbunden
Publicerad: 2018
Språk: Engelska
ISBN: 9781912079117

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