Rhodesia’s Death Europe’s Funeral


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The handover of Europe’s African colonies to global banking corporations was slyly sold as the inevitability of Black rule. Like today’s so-called Syrian and Libyan rebels Rhodesia’s Mugabe and Joshua Nkomo were frontmen for the banking houses.

The fraud was achieved by coerced Western elites. The NATO West blockaded Rhodesia whilst the Soviet Union sponsored armed terrorists that were hyped by collaborationist Western media as noble partisans fighting for democracy and freedom.

Government, media, church leaders, Anti-Apartheid Movement and leftist-liberals, singing to the same Red hymn sheet, unleashed hell on Africa. Corrupt church leaders referred to terrorists as Christian soldiers.

Today the same traitors fan the ‘wind of change’ sweeping Europe. If successful, the globalists will achieve total control of Europe. Africa yesterday, Europe tomorrow.

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Author: Michael Walsh
Pages: 70
Binding: Softcover
Language: English

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