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Ragnarok, Collapse, Odinism, & Mathematics.

”Ragnarok is for us; it is the twilight of humanity, our ending, the ending of modern civilization, and descent into a new Dark Age…”

Viking Age Barbarian’s latest work is an unusual book encompassing a wide range of topics, served up with a healthy dose of dark humor. Primarily, Ragnaroking! deals with Norse paganism and the problems its adherents face – ranging from Christian or political prejudice towards pagans, through to attempts to gloss over historical facts with post-modern cultural crusades. Like a berserker with a pen, Viking Age Barbarian takes his ax to a wide range of ideologies and narrow thinkers, crushing their speculations without remorse. As an added perk, Viking Age Barbarian also enlightens the reader with a stunning section on the principles of higher mathematics.

All of this is framed against the background of social collapse in a future world, where humans must perniciously struggle to survive and avoid mass extinction – Ragnarok, the new Dark Age for humanity. Therefore, Ragnaroking! also deals with survivalist concepts.

But what does maths have to with this? Ragnaroking! challenges such stereotypes as the ’maths nerd’ by proving that barbarism is not at odds with intellectualism, and moreover, the two are not mutually exclusive. As such, the complete man needs a solid foundation in higher mathematics, particularly in a situation where social collapse is occurring and the education system no longer exists.

Viking Age Barbarian’s latest work offers a nuanced perspective on Norse paganism, the possibility of a new Dark Age, the nature of masculinity, and advanced mathematics.

Author: Viking Age Barbarian
Pages: 226
Binding: Softcover
Published: 2021
Language: English
ISBN: 9780648766087

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