Racism Schmacism


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Racism Schmacism – How Liberals Use the ”R” Word to push the Obama Agenda

James Edwards is one of the driving forces in American Third Position and host of the popular radio show ”The Political Cesspoolthat protect white people’s interests. The program mixes humor and serious discussions in a way that it has many listeners and among the guests in the program we can mention peoples like Kevin MacDonald, Willis Carto, David Duke, Tom Sunic, Greg Johnson, Mark Weber and Hutton Gibson (Mel Gibson’s father) , to name a few.

Racism Schmacism is a lucid attack on the establishment’s attempt to silence all that is positive for Whites interests by blurt out the word ”racism”. Edwards describes how conservatives allow themselves to be intimidated by the word and apologize almost every time it is picked up, trying to do everything to try to prove that they are not racists but rather anti-racists who cherish all the interests of others as well, integration and so on. The action is completely wrong says Edwards clearly shows that the word ”racism” does not mean anything (or everything) today and hardly a word to comply. The book offers both a political analysis that humor and even if it was written primarily for American readers so it takes up a subject that is at least as current in Europe.

Author: James Edwards
Pages: 170
Binding: Softcover
Published: 2010
Language: English
ISBN: 1452856133

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