Race and the American Prospect

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Strikingly, straightforward and eloquent manner presented the threats that the white race is facing in the West. Academics and writers from a variety of areas involved in the book of articles that thoroughly illustrates how the West is due and how the white race is slowly but surely pushed aside in the current places where we still remains in today.
The book tackles the most important issues when it comes to why we have the situation we face today and also what disastrous consequences it free democratic and multiculturalsociety of today actually have for our people.
Although the focus to some extent on the conditions prevailing in the United States, the book is equally interesting here in Europe given that we share exactly the same problem in this part of the world.

The book is highly recommended!

Chapter and its author:

Foreword – Wayne Lutton
Introduction: The Return of the Repressed – Samuel Francis
The Reality of Race – Kevin Lamb
Racial Differences in Intelligence, Personality, and Behavior – Richard Lynn
The Costs of Racial Pluralism – Joseph E. Fallon
The Racial Revolution – Jared Taylor
Immigration and Race – Wayne Lutton
Race and the South – Sam G. Dickson
Jews, Blacks, and Race – Kevin MacDonald
Race and Religion – Richard Faussette
The Dis-United Kingdom – Derek Turner
Race and the Left – Brent Nelson
Race in Philosophy – J. L. Woodruff
Racial Disposition and the Managerial Revolution – Samuel Francis
Racial Preservation – Richard McCulloch
Afterword – Robert Griffin

Author: Derek Turner, Jared Taylor, Kevin Lamb, Kevin MacDonald, Richard Lynn, Richard McCulloch, Robert S. Griffin, Samuel Francis, Wayne Lutton
Pages: 462
Binding: Hardcover | Softcover
Published: 2006
Language: English
ISBN: 0977988201 | 978-0977988204