Race and Crime – A Biosocial Analysis


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Race and Crime – A biosocial Analysis

The book examines and explains Anthony Walsh, the difference in fracture frequency and types of crime committed by people of different races. It also takes the death of several myths such as that race would be a social construct that the worst serial and mass killers are white males, since these are described in the media and so on.Walsh presents relevant data that emerged in genetics, population genetics, evolutionary biology and anthropology to describe how different general behaviors developed for different breeds.Because blacks are overrepresented in crime in all countries where such statistics are calculated, the focus was on explaining this overrepresentation relatively crime committed by whites and Asians. Although cultural and historical reasons for the over-representation is explained and its relevance in today’s crime is discussed. The book is very pedagogically and each chapter discussing an issue from several angles before a summary conclusion is presented.Contents:
The Race Concept
Racial Differences in Criminal Behavior
Race and ”Extra-Ordinary” Crime
Racism: A Distant but powerful Cause of Crime
Race, Poverty, and Crime
Parenting Effort Versus Mating Effort: Sexuality, the Family, and Crime
Competition and Chemistry in Honor Subcultures
Evolutionary Explanations for Racial Behavioral Variation

Author: Anthony Walsh
Pages: 158
Binding: Softcover
Published 2008
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1604566892
ISBN-13: 978-1604566895

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