Plastic Empire


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Plastic Empire is John Q. Publius’s third book, exhibiting his familiar no-holds-barred commitment to tracking down and identifying the people and forces imperiling Western civilization. Here, the book tackles the war for the minds and soul of the West through the mechanisms of psychological and demographic warfare, the actors waging this war, and the nature of their ultimate aims.

After diagnosing the ills of modern man—the isolation, atomization, alienation, and despair—and the consequences, Publius dissects the various strands contributing to societal break-down: mass immigration, pornography, media manipulation, and more. He then scrutinizes the principal figures and organizations behind these mechanisms of control and/or destruction, how they’ve advanced their agenda, and how they interact.

This cosmopolitan “elite” responsible for the imperilment of Western Man sits atop a gilded throne ruling over a “plastic empire”—ersatz, inauthentic, and inorganic. This book is a vital read for anyone who wants to understand how and why they find themselves beleaguered in their own homelands and who is responsible.


Author: John Q. Publius
Pages: 204
Binding: Softcover
Published: 2020
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1647645557

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