North American New Right vol. 2


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North American New Right is the journal of a new intellectual movement, the North American New Right. This movement seeks to understand the causes of the ongoing demographic, political, and cultural decline of European peoples in North America and around the globe — and to lay the metapolitical foundations for halting and reversing these trends.

The North American New Right seeks to apply the ideas of the European New Right and allied intellectual and political movements in the North American context. Thus North American New Right publishes translations by leading European thinkers as well as interviews, articles, and reviews about their works.




Greatness is the Unifying Idea of the Right
Aedon Cassiel


The Enlightenment from a New Right Perspective
Ricardo Duchesne

Leo Strauss, the Conservative Revolution, & National Socialism
Greg Johnson

White Nationalist Answers to Post-Colonialist Questions
Donald Thoresen

We are the Real Subalterns: Deleuze, Guattari, & the New Right
Mark Dyal

Selection by Lot & White Nationalism
Simon Lote

Cinematic Nightrider?: Race in the Films of D. W. Griffith
Andrew Hamilton

God Has Become Cancer: Damien Hirst, Religion, & Death
Christopher Pankhurst

A Heroic Vision for Our Time: The Life & Ideas of Colin Wilson
John Morgan


A Book for Our Time: Ricardo Duchesne’s The Uniqueness of Western Civilization
Collin Cleary

Jack Donovan’s The Way of Men
Jef Costello

The Political Soldier: Carl Schmitt’s Theory of the Partisan
Greg Johnson

The Rising: The Revolutionary Lessons of Michael Collins
Gregory Hood

Opfergang: Masterpiece of National Socialist Cinema
Derek Hawthorne

Rethinking Democracy: Alain de Benoist’s The Problem of Democracy
F. Roger Devlin

Between Capital & Archaic Socialism: Jean-Claude Michéa’s Notre Ennemi, le Capital
Michael Walker

Greg Johnson’s New Right vs. Old Right
Kevin MacDonald

Author: Greg Johnson (ed.)
Pages: 400
Binding: Softcover
Published: 2017
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1935965954

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