National Vanguard #129

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* White South Africa: What Went Wrong by Arthur Kemp
* Glimpses of the Future? Extracts from a letter written by a former White liberal, now trapped in Zimbabwe
* Merry Yule: The Pre-Christian Origins of European Culture
* US Hegemony in Latin America by Shaun Walker
* Ambrose Bierce: The Bitter Pen

International News:
* Norway’s Pro-White Progress Party Comes Second in Elections
* ’Let the Cossacks Sort It Out’ – White Russians Threatened by Mixed-Race Immigrants
* Italian Liberals Shocked by ’Mixed Race’ Remark From Senate Speaker

News Shorts:
* Belgium Beefs Up Immigrant Expulsion Services
* One Third of Britons see Multiculturalism as Threat
* France To Expel Radical Imams’
* South Africa’s Largest City: 755 Power blackouts in 8 Months
* UK Criminal DNA Database Reveals Extent of Black Criminality:
* One Third of All Black Males Are Registered
* Pro-White Activists Strike in Australia
* US News: Planet of the Apes: New Orleans Flooded by Racial Catastrophe
* Bob Whitaker’s Column: Situation Terminal . . . But Not Serious
Fiction: The Battle for Base Alpha Zero Charlie by Richard Preston

Editor: Richard Preston
Published: 2005
Pages: 32 sidor
Language: English

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