My Awakening


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My Awakening – A Path to Racial Understanding

This is David Duke’s best-known works, and in this massive book of over 750 pages explaining how the Duke himself ”woken up” from once having been an American in amount and is today one of the world’s most famous politically incorrect Americans.

What was it that made Dr. David Duke to sacrifice his own career and instead engage wholeheartedly in the European peoples future? Dr. Duke is one of the ethnic activists who most successfully been spreading the ideas of the importance of safeguarding white interests and the book gives great insight into many of the most important issues of our time while it is a very interesting autobiographical tale of Dr. Duke.

This is the lavish and updated edition from 2008 covering 752 pages, has over 1000 footnotes, numerous illustrations, covers in full color and hard cover with title in gold print. In short: this is a book of high quality in terms of both the execution and content, this is a book you will not want to miss!

NOTE! The books marketing is autographed by David Duke

Author: Dr. David Duke
Pages: 752
Binding: Hardcover with covers
Published: 2008
Language: English

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