Metaphysics of War


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Metaphysics of War Battle and Victory & Death in the World of Tradition.


1. The Forms of Warlike Heroism
2. The Sacrality of War
3. The Meaning of the Crusades
4. The Greater War and the Lesser War
5. The Metaphysics of War
6. Army’ as Vision of the World
7. Race and War
8. Two Heroisms
9. Race and War: The Aryan Conception of Combat
10. Soul and the Race of War
11. The Aryan Doctrine of Combat and Victory
12. The Meaning of the Warrior Elements for the New Europe
13. Varieties of Heroism
14. The Roman Conception of Victory
15. Liberation
16. The Decline of Heroism

This is the third edition of the English translation of the book.


Author: Julius Evola
Pages: 154
Binding: Softcover
Published: 2007
Language: English


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