Knightly Weaponry Play


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First published under the title Ritterliche Waffenspiele in interwar Germany, Knightly Weaponry Play is a youth-accessible instructional manual for the basic wielding of longswords, single sticks, bow and arrows, and crossbows. Written by patriotic forester, naturalist, and scouting leader Herr-Doktor Wilhelm Fabricius, this book was intended to inspire activity and strength in young boys participating in environmental-survival fellowships.

Illustrated and described within are swordplay techniques that clearly interpret moves of the Kunst des Fechtens – the art of fencing – as illustrated centuries earlier by venerable Fechtmeisters circa 1450-1600. Highly popular when it was originally released, this book was used as a play and practice aid by interwar German brotherhoods such as the Adler und FalkenDeutsches Jungvolk, and Pfadfinders.

Antelope Hill is proud to present Herr-Doktor Wihelm Fabricius’s Knightly Weaponry Play, translated into English for the first time ever by Jeffrey Hull. This unique work is sure to develop martial prowess in a new generation of young men as well as historical curiosity in a wholesome and fun way!

Author: Wihelm Fabricius
Published: 2021
Pages: 97
Binding: Hardcover
Language: English
ISBN: 9781953730497

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