Journey to a Location


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Journey to a Location, in an interesting blend of dystopian novel-cum-memoir, peppered with unpredictable streams of consciousness, tells the story of Lee’s journey to a city in his home state. Lee, the educated, curious, and yet simple Southerner, ruminates and comments about the deterioration of modern life, ever shallow, ever self-centered, and ever ridiculous.

Both the long-time fan of Tito Perdue and the newcomer will find themselves laughing out loud at the bursts of humor and wit that pop up regularly and sighing at the upbraiding of “woke” culture and Diversity that we all have experienced. Lee’s return home, however, is met with an unexpected turn of events.

Author: Tito Perdue
Pages: 152
Binding: Softcover
Language: English
ISBN:  978-1-914208-26-3

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