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Francis Galton was not only a pioneer in the fields of climate science, demography and statistics, but also the founder of the modern eugenic thought. Eugenics aims to minimize the number of hereditary diseases to improve the quality of life. Galton introduced the word ”eugenics” and the phrase ”nature versus nurturewhich summarizes the still current debate about how much of a person’s characteristics are determined by heredity or environment.

In this book discusses Galton including human psychological phenomena, human nature with respect to the body, emotions, anthropology, nature, crime, instincts, intellectual and racial differences, and much more. He also discusses forms of positive eugenics.

This edition’s statement is an exact replica of the original, and therefore includes all the original illustrations.

Author: Sir Francis Galton
Pages: 284
Binding: Softcover
Published: 2012
Language: English

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