In Defense of Prejudice


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Greg Johnson’s In Defense of Prejudice collects 45 essays, speeches, reviews, and opinion pieces on a wide range of topics, including White Nationalism, the Alternative Right, the “Alt Light,” the Donald Trump phenomenon, sexual politics, cosmopolitanism, Freemasonry, the Old Right, and the Jewish question. There are essays on such figures as Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, Adolf Hitler, Louis-Ferdinand Céline, Leo Strauss, William Pierce, Harold Covington, Jonathan Bowden, J. Philippe Rushton, Dominique Venner, Gilad Atzmon, Yoav Shamir, Milo Yiannopolous, and of course Donald Trump. Greg Johnson once again demonstrates his mastery at bringing together theory and practice, connecting topical commentary with eternal truths, always with an eye toward the conditions of white survival and flourishing.


Foreword by Tito Perdue—iii


White Nationalism
1. In Defense of Prejudice—1
2. Vetoing the Dream: In Defense of Brexit—8
3. In Praise of Calexit—12
4. American Ethnic Identity—17
5. White Nationalism, the Alt Right, & the Alt Light—21
6. Alt Right vs. Alt Wrong: Notes on the Milo Question—26
7. The Alt Right: Obituary for a Brand?—32
8. Why Ramzpaul is Right (& Why it Doesn’t Matter)—38
9. Punching Right—43
10. Honorable Defeatists—47
11. Tough Talk from a Hard Man (On the Internet)—50
12. Ahead of the Curve—54
13. George Hawley’s Right-Wing Critics of American Conservatism—58
14. Rethinking the White Nationalist Conference—66
15. The Toastmasters Model—70
16. Dealing with Doxers—74
17. Toward the Tipping Point—76

The Trump Phenomenon
18. November 9th, 2016—92
19. Try Sincerity for a Change—96
20. The Measure of Greatness—100
21. The Fall of Hillary Clinton—102
22. Trump, Hillary, & the Alt Right—105
23. That’s President Troll to You—110
24. Trump & the End of Feminism—112
25. Safety, Prosperity, & Peace: Trump’s Path to the White House—114
26. “I Got Mine, Buddy”: Non-Whites Against Immigration—116
27. The Trump Deportation Plan—118

Sexual Politics
28. To a Reluctant Bridegroom—121
29. Gay Panic on the Alt Right—126
30. Abortion & White Nationalism—130
31. Roosh Really is a Rape Advocate (& a Rapist, if He’s Telling the Truth)—134
32. Yes, Roosh, White Nationalists Want to Control Sexual Behavior—140


33. What’s Wrong with Cosmopolitanism?—143
34. Lessing’s Ideal Conservative Freemasonry—153

The Legacy of the Old Right
35. R. H. S. Stolfi’s Hitler: Beyond Evil & Tyranny—162
36. Birth of a Nation: On Harold Covington’s Northwest Quartet—178

The Jewish Question
37. Louis-Ferdinand Céline’s Trifles for a Massacre—193
38. Paul Gottfried’s Leo Strauss & the Conservative Movement in America—198
39. What the Neocons Got Right: A Review of Arguing the World—211
40. The Self-Exterminating Jew: Gilad Atzmon’s The Wandering Who?—216
41. Yoav Shamir’s Defamation—227

In Memoriam
42. Jonathan Bowden—237
43. William Pierce—241
44. J. Philippe Rushton—245
45. Suicide in the Cathedral: The Death of Dominique Venner—250
About the Author—264

Author: Dr. Greg Johnson
Pages: 274
Binding: Softcover/Hardcover
Published: 2017
Language: English