Guillaume Faye and the Battle of Europe


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Europe is at war and does not know it. She is overrun by invaders from the Global South, who seek to replace Those Who Have inhabited her country for at least the last 30,000 years. She is subject to an American overlord, Whose world system dictates her de-Europeanization and globalization. She is mismanaged and betrayed by the EU Technocrats, corrupt politicians, and plutocratic elites. Without a revolutionary mobilization in her defense, the thousand-year-old civilization That Grew out of the medieval respublica Christiana and That we today associate with ’Europe’ – alongwith the unique genetic heritage of her peoples – will forever cease to exist. Guillaume Faye – doctorate from one of France’s most prestigious Ecoles, social philosopher, author of Numerous books and articles – Is The Cassandra warning Europeans of Their approaching extinction, and The Need to Prepare for the impending Battle of Europe.

Preparing for World War III
Ethno Nationalism versus communitarianism
The Widening Gyre
Ten Untimely Ideas
Europe’s Enemy: Islam or America?
From Dusk to Dawn
The Third World War is About to Begin
Guillaume Faye and the Jews
The New Jewish Question of Guillaume Faye
Prophet of the Fourth Age
Sex and Derailment
The Transitional Program
Appendix: The Books of Guillaume Faye

Author: Michael O’Meara
Pages: 132
Binding: Softcover
Published: 2013
Language: English
ISBN: 9781907166884

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