Gods in the Abyss


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Essays on Heidegger, the Germanic Logos and the Germanic Myth

How can we find stability in the Night of the World? How can we anchor ourselves in the void of existence, the great nothingness of the endless dark plain ahead of us? The new voices of the old Gods can be heard from afar, beckoning us back into the fold of the folk. Where will we wander? Into oblivion or the primeval forest, from whence we came and to which we have always belonged and thus must return?

The meanings of words spell out the destinies of men. Acknowledging the roots of language leads us to an understanding of where we now stand and where we must go if we do not want to perish. The Gods without must once again become the Gods within, so we can hear for the last time the faint whispers of our ancestors guiding us into a better tomorrow.

The author considers various aspects of the German Logos and the Germanic-Scandinavian tradition in the light of neo-Platonism and the fundamental-ontology of Martin Heidegger in the search for Nothing as absolutely Another. At the center of the narrative is the history of the decline of Europe and European man, and the complex non-dual figure of the god Odin.

Author: Askr Svarte
Pages: 380
Binding: Softcover | Hardcover
Published: 2020
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-912975-86-0

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