Germany’s Third Empire


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”Written in 1923. When Germany was in the Throes of Revolutionary Demands from bothering the Left and the Right, Moeller van den Bruck envisioned a Germany that was radical, traditional and nationalistic. Angered by the harsh conditions imposed by the Treaty of Versailles Which ended The First World War, and frustrated by the types of reform for being called for in the Weimar Republic, he examines all of the major political doctrines of his day and finds them wanting. Instead, he calls for a return to empire? Not the Empire of The Kaiser or the Holy Roman Empire, but an empire of all German-speaking peoples, with a social hierarchy based upon strong communal values and German traditions Which nurture, rather than belittle, strong individuals. ”

The book is a facsimile of the English edition of the 1934th

Foreword by Alain de Benoist, ”Moeller van den Bruck, The Anti-Liberal”
Prefatory Letter

I. Revolutionary
II. The Socialist
III. Liberal
IV. Democrat
V. Proletarian
VI. Reactionary
VII. Conservative
VIII. The Third Empire
Arthur Moeller van den Bruck: A Bibliography

Author: Arthur Moeller van den Bruck
Pages: 254
Binding: Softcover
Published: 2012
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-907166-55-6

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