Forever and Ever


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Forever and Ever – Devotional Poems is included in the series of books by Savitri Devi which was first published by Savitri Devi Archive, and now continues issued by the Counter-Currents Publishing. This is one of three of Savitri Devi’s books that were published before her death in 1982. The manuscripts of the three books was not found until 2006, and this is the first of them published.

Just like other editions of Savitri Devi Archive, the book is printed in a limited edition of a total of 200 pieces numbered and bound books. Foreword and afterword written by R. G. Fowler.

Forever and Ever is a collection of devotional poems-Hymns Of Praise and somber elegies-written in 1952 and 1953 and dedicated to Adolf Hitler. The volumetric also includes an additional poem,” In Memory of May 1st, 1945, ”written in 1946 by Clara Sharland, Which is probably a pen name of Savitri Devi. ”

List of Illustrations
Editor’s Preface

Part I. Days of Growth

Chapter 1: 1918
Chapter 2: 1919
Chapter 3: 1923
Chapter 4: 1929
Chapter 5: 1932

Part II. Days of Glory

Chapter 6: 1933
Chapter 7: 1935
Chapter 8: 1938
Chapter 9: 1940
Chapter 10: 1942

Part III. Days of Horror

Chapter 11: 1945
”Prose” Version
”Verse” Variants
Chapter 12: 1946
Chapter 13: 1948
Chapter 14: 1949
”Verse” Version
”Prose” Version
Chapter 15: 1951
Chapter 16: 1953
”Prose” Version
”Verse” Version


In Memory of May 1st, 1945
Editor’s Afterword

Author: Savitri Devi
Pages: 128
Binding: Softcover
Published: 2012
Language: English


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