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The Ethnostate (Expanded Edition)

This is an ideological handbook which describes in detail the definition of ethno-nationalism. The booklet gives many arguments for why it is in people’s interest to maintain ethnically homogeneous nations.

This edition is updated and contains six new chapters that discuss the problem of mass immigration and multiculturalism.

1. Ethnic Nationalism? A definition
2. The central tenet of Ethno-Nationalism
2.1 Self Determination
2.2 Descent
2.3 The Homeland
3. Underlying Concepts of Ethno-Nationalism
3.1 Race
3.2 Ethnicity
3.3 Territory
4. The Implications of Ethno-Nationalism
5. The Practical Application of Ethno-Nationalism
5.1 Population
5.2 Economics
5.3 Social Ordering
5.4 Education
6. Attacks on Ethno-Nationalism
6.1 Historical Causes
6.2 The Use of Incorrect Arguments
6.3 Racist Jargon
7. How to Argue The Case for Ethno-Nationalism
8. The Colonisation of Britain: White British School Pupils Set to Be Minority by 2021
9. Invasion: Immigration Wave Means 650 New UK Citizens Every Day
10. German Chancellor? S? Multiculturalism Has Failed? Remarks Highlight Danger of? Adapt or Integrate? Mentality
11. The Colonisation of Britain: Bradford CoE in Crisis as Muslim Population Skyrockets
12. Study Which Claims? 5.5 Million Muslims in 20 years? in Britain Is a Gross Underestimate
13. Is it Multiculturalism Which Has Failed?
14. Cockneys: The First British Group to Be Ethnically cleansed.

Author: Arthur Kemp
Pages: 41
Binding: Softcover
Published: 2012
Language: English

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