Final Conflict #37

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  • An in-depth interview with Dutch NR band Brigade M their latest CD, the New World Order, nationalism, Dutch politics and society and much more!
  • Nationalism in the 1990s C18 Versus the BNP, Griffin Versus Tyndall and more!
  • A Day Trip to a Rothschild Lair in leafy Buckinghamshire.
  • Exclusive: the Foreword to the Swedish edition of Political Soldier in English for the first time.
  • Unwashed the latest on Searchlies, Morris Dess, the ADL, ”right-wing” race-mixers and more.
  • Unwashed Special: the government’s attempts to ban the ”glorification of terrorism”.
  • Reviews including new releases from Brigade M, Brutal Attack, Warlord and the re-press of the Violent Storm classic ”Celtic Warrior”.
  • Plus: News, Ranting Ron, merchandise, Full Colour ”Heroes of Europe” poster this issue a Serbian defender of Europe. And lots more!

Published: 2006
Pages: 20

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