Family, Kin and City-State

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The Racial Underpinning of Ancient Greece and Rome.

By Fustel the Coulanges, edited and revised by JW Jamieson.
It was not the sky goods but a consciousness of the Importance of heredity and a devotion to the Family and Kindred That provided the basis of the Social and Political Organization of ancient Greece and Rome.
Early Greek and Roman society was Organized around the family and the kinship group. Citizenship was Determined by birth, and aliens were not only barred from Acquiring any political rights and the ownership of property but even from residence within the City except as slaves or bonded clients. Indeed, even the sky goods were staff to kinship groups, and of less significance than the Lars and Penates, the ancestral spirits and gods of the family hearth.

The Importance of the Lineage;
The Sacred Hearth Fire;
Marriage and Procreation;
Kinship and Property;
Morality Law;
Gens, Phratry, Tribe and Nation;
The Domestic Religion As The Moral Foundation of the Ancient City-State.


Author: Numa Denis Fustel the Coulanges & J. Jamieson
Pages: 108
Binding: Softcover
Published: 1999
Language: English
ISBN: 1-878465-34-1

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