Essays in Eugenics


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This is a reprint of a pioneering publication from 1909 by one of modern time’s greatest scientists. Francis Galton was not only a pioneer in the fields of climate science, demography and statistics, but also the founder of the modern eugenics tanken.Eugenik aims to minimize the number of hereditary diseases to improve the quality of life. Galton introduced the word ”eugenics” and the phrase ”nature versus nurture” which summarizes the still current discussion about how much of a person’s characteristics are determined by heredity or environment.

These essays summarizing his conclusions about the heritage and the need for eugenic measures to counteract rasförsämring, which he considered already during his lifetime had begun to affect the world’s more developed nations.

* The Possible Improvement of the Human Breed under Existing Conditions of Law and Sentiment
* Eugenics, its Definition, Scope, and Aims
* Restrictions in Marriage Studies in National Eugenics
* Eugenics as a Factor in Religion
* Probability, the Foundation of Eugenics
* Local Association for Promoting EUGENlCS.

Author: Sir Francis Galton
Pages: 116
Binding: Softcover
Published: 2012
Language: English

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