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This is the third book in the new high quality and lavish printing Savitri Devi’s books. Although this book is like And Time Rolls On and Gold in the Furnace, only printed in a small edition, a total of 200 pieces numbered books sold worldwide.

Those who are interested in getting hold of a copy of this edition should hurry up to order before the books are sold out.

”Defiance is Savitri Devi’s vivid and impassioned memoir of her arrest, trial, and imprisonment on the charge of distributing National Socialist propaganda in Occupied Germany in 1949.

In September of 1948, Savitri Devi entered Germany with eleven thousand propaganda posters and leaflets condemning the Allies, proclaiming that Hitler was still alive (which she believed to be true at the time), and urging Germans to resist the occupation and to hope and wait for the Führer’s return.

It was a quixotic, futile gesture, born of a spirit of defiance and a thirst for martyrdom.

For more than six months, Savitri Devi travelled throughout western Germany distributing thousands of posters and leaflets, making contact with the underground network of faithful National Socialists, and writing her book Gold in the Furnace.

On the night of February 20-21, 1949, Savitri Devi was arrested in Cologne, interrogated, and taken to the Werl Prison. She was tried in Düsseldorf on April 5, 1949, convicted, and sentenced to three years imprisonment in Werl.

While in Werl, Savitri Devi befriended a number of German women imprisoned as war criminals. She also completed Gold in the Furnace and continued work on her magnum opus, The Lightning and the Sun. Defiance can be read as the companion volume to Gold in the Furnace, since it takes place at the same time and tells the story of its creation.

Savitri Devi was released early from prison on August 18, 1949 at the request of Indian Prime Minister Nehru.

Defiance is Savitri Devi’s most readable book. It is not primarily a work of philosophy or history, but a gripping first-person narrative that often reads like a novel. Defiance does, however, contain Savitri Devi’s most profound and moving philosophical meditation, ”The Way of Absolute Detachment,” in which she uses the teachings of the Bhagavad-Gita to console herself before the prospect of the destruction of her writings and to explain the proper National Socialist view of the relationship between duty and practical consequences. Reading Defiance, one quickly understands why the Allies imprisoned Savitri Devi and, once she was in prison, tried to keep her away from the other political inmates: her spirit of defiance is contagious.

Until now, Defiance has been almost impossible to find. Published in a tiny edition by Savitri Devi’s husband A.K. Mukherji in Calcutta in 1951, it was distributed privately by the authoress to her friends and comrades, and it has not been reprinted since. This deluxe, numbered hardcover second edition is being published in commemoration of the 102nd anniversary of Savitri Devi’s birth, on 30 September 2007. The new edition will also contain a number of previously unseen illustrations from the Archive.


Author: Savitri Devi
Pages: 416
Binding: Softcover | Hardcover (plastic covered)
Published: 2008
Language: English

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