Dauntless: The Wild Hunt Edition


Dauntless – A Handbook For the Quest For Enlightenment and Glory: The Wild Hunt Edition by Marcus Follin – The Golden One – is a greatly updated version of the previously released Dauntless (2019). The previous edition had around 53 000 words; the new one has around 75 000 words.

The book is mandatory reading and, as the name suggests, a handbook for the quest for enlightenment and glory.


A Handbook for the Quest for Enlightenment and Glory

In order to ascend into a higher state of being you must approach life and adversary in a dauntless fashion. Attaining glory can only be done when there are things that need to be overcome; being dauntless in the face of those things is the heroic and correct attitude. Fear is a double-edged sword, it can be used to your advantage or it can pacify you. The fear of losing can make you train and fight harder. The fear of ignorance can make you strive all the harder for the attainment of knowledge. The fear of being left without glory as the years pass by can fuel your transcendence into a legend.

This handbook, by Marcus ”The Golden One” Follin, contains 12 chapters of wisdom and advice in various areas surrounding everything from training, to philosophy, nationalism, politics and faith.

No matter the situation you find yourself in, you can always embark upon a crusade, adventure, endeavour, or other struggle. The journey must always begin within yourself, a life affirming view of life must always be centred around the continuous strive for power and enlightenment. Power in the sense that you want to become a force of nature, a heroic demigod striding the sun soaked glades or the snowy peaks. Enlightenment in the sense that you are not afraid to discover the darker truths of the world. – Marcus Follin

Author: Marcus Follin
Pages: 254
Binding: Softcover | Hardcover
Published: 2021
Language: English
ISBN: 978-91-98560442 | 978-91-98560459

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