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”Liberty can only be purchased by blood”

On September 9th, 9 A.D., three Roman legions commanded by Quinctilius Varus marched into the Teutonic forest of Germania. They never returned to Rome.

One man united the fierce tribes of his homeland to give Imperial Rome its first defeat in battle. The Romans called him Arminius. A German warrior who became a legionary mercenary, he sacrificed everything to liberate his people from tyranny. His legend will forever live in the songs of the barbarians.

A tale of heroic historical fiction, Arminius captures the human spirit to be free in the face of brutal imperial conquest. During the height of Augustus Caesar’s reign, the Roman Empire invaded Germania. The legions conquered the fierce tribes with fire and sword. The young warrior, Arminius, witnessed his father’s death at the hand of a Roman General. With his people conquered and with no hope, he chose to join the Roman mercenary legion. He left his tribe of Cherusci in ashes. After many years of service, Arminius became a decorated soldier.

During a battle with Gallic Celts, Arminius saved the life of his Roman commander Quinctilius Varus. Seeing the German’s great potential, the general offered him command of his auxiliary legions. They traveled to Rome to prepare for an invasion of the east. Varus molded the young man to be a conqueror. General Varus and Arminius put down a revolt in Judea and defeated the Parthian hordes. They opened up the Silk Road and crushed all resistance to Roman rule. With great riches and fame, they returned to Rome for an imperial triumph.

The glory made Arminius feel hollow; he became what he most hated – a man who conquered free people. In the north, a rebellion exploded in Germania. Augustus sent General Varus and Arminius to put it down. They crushed the rebels and restored order. Arminius returned to his homeland; he beheld the devastation of Roman tyranny. The Empire crushed his people with tribute, taxes, and harsh martial punishment. The land cried out for a deliverer. Arminius answered the call. He sacrificed everything to go back to his people. In secret, he organized the tribes of Germania and prepared them for a rebellion.

In the fall of A.D. 9, Arminius lured General Varus and three legions into the Teutonic Forest. Arminius set a trap along a winding track. He built a mile long wall and manned it with ten thousand warriors. The united tribes destroyed three Roman legions in a climactic battle. Imperial Rome suffered its first defeat. Arminius liberated his homeland from the Roman Empire – forever changing the fate of the Western World.

Author: Clint Glenn Hummel
Pages: 520
Binding: Softcover
Published: 2011
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-4327-5461-7

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