And Time Rolls On


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Second Revised Edition.

The book presents a very good summary of Savitri Devi’s life and opinions in a variety of fields and is highly recommended for those who want to have an overall idea of who Savitri Devi was and what she devoted her life to.

In 1978, Savitri Devi recorded ten hours of interviews on her life, her thought, and her experiences in the National Socialist movement both before and after World War II. These interviews are an ideal introduction to this brilliant and controversial thinker. Now, for the first time, the edited transcripts of these hard to find recordings are available to readers. This volume is published in commemoration of Savitri Devi’s 100th birthday, 30 September 2005.

”I’m for a multi-racial world in which each race keeps to itself, in harmony with the other races. Like in a garden, you have flowerbeds of roses and flowerbeds of carnations and irises and different other flowers. They don’t intermarry. They stay separate, and each one has its beauty. . . . I’m against colonialism for the reason that colonialism infects the master as well as the slave. It even infects the master more.”

– Savitri Devi

Author: Savitri Devi
Binding: Hardcover | Softcover
Published: 2012
Language: English
ISBN: 9781935965503 | 9781935965510